Moghabghab & Associates is a global firm that was established in 1945. 

Initially Chamoun & Moghabghab, the firm started when President Camille Chamoun and MP Naim Moghabghab
formed a partnership in 1945. Ghassan N Moghabghab then re-established the
firm under its current name in 1978.

Headquartered today in Beirut Central District, Lebanon, we serve our clients globally wherever they are,
either directly or through our international partners. Our aim is to help companies and individuals solve
their most complex legal issues. We offer outstanding legal services and deliver results to our clients.

Our team is formed by the following attorneys:
Ghassan Moghabghab, Simon Karam, Elias Abdelnour, Omar Hamade, Ighar Bejjani, 
Georges Moussally, Tarek Moghabghab, and Georges Assaf.